Break those bad habits.


Is it really that easy to break a habit? The answer varies depending on the individual. Some can follow the instructions in “self-help” books or tapes and do just fine. Others find it a daunting task to stop biting their nails. Maybe if you really want to and just try harder you can do it. Bad habits often limit our potential and stand in the way of who we really want to be. So for those of you who are willing, here are a few methods to try if you want to improve yourself.
1. Realize that you’re doing it. If you make an effort to notice the time and circumstances, you may get an idea of a reason you’re doing it. If you can find out why, maybe you can change the circumstances that may be the cause.
2. Each time you catch yourself doing it; try substituting it with some other action like snapping your fingers.
3. It may be hard to do but sharing your effort to break a bad habit with a friend or loved one can enforce you determination.
4. Don’t be too hard on yourself, breaking bad habits can be very difficult. Give yourself time and don’t give up.
Bad habits can be a road block to your personal success. Start small, once you have broken one small bad habit the sky’s the limit.