Lose more weight by drinking more water.


For years we’ve heard or read about how water can help you lose weight. Some diet plans make water a central component of their method.
But does drinking more water really help you melt away the pounds?
Well according to a new report, using water a weight loss aide may yet have some value.
A study published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition investigated the link between water intake and body weight. They found that water drinkers appear to lose more weight and take it off more quickly than those who don’t boost their water intake.
Several reasons where cited. Drinking water may increase metabolic rate burning more calories. Drinking more water may reduce calorie intake by replacing caloric beverages like juices and soft drinks. Water also acts as an appetite suppressant making you feel full and therefore less hungry.
The water habit won’t help everyone get slim. The current study revealed that among people who don’t cut their daily calorie intake, drinking water has no effect on body weight.

So the word still seems to be if you want to lose weight, eat less and drink plenty of water.