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How Great EMR IT Support Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Studies have found that electronic medical records improve patient outcomes. When EMR works well, health professionals can access important patient data with ease. Patients benefit from EMR through reduced medical errors and better coordination of care. However, just like all electronic systems, even the best-designed EMR software will not function at its best without the right technical support.

How does great EMR IT support affect patients? To provide the best individualized medical care, physicians obviously need to access their patients’ health histories and lab results. When EMR software isn’t working, a lack of accurate information makes it more likely for mistakes to be made. Quality IT support strives to ensure this doesn’t happen.

  • Great EMR IT support is proactive. Reactive support puts out fires after they happen. In the meantime, patients aren’t getting the best care possible. Quality technical support stays on top of software updates and known bugs to make sure problems are solved before they have the chance to impact your patients.
  • Great EMR IT support means prompt service. Problems in the IT world are, unfortunately, not always predictable. When health professionals run into technical issues, their needs are usually time-sensitive. These problems must be resolved quickly to save patients frustration and provide timely treatment for what are often urgent issues. If IT support takes days to return a call, quality patient care can be delayed. The best technical support includes high availability and a quick ticket turnaround.
  • Great EMR IT support is cost-effective. Many practices resist hiring additional technical support because the EMR systems alone are already such a major cost. However, the hours you and your staff waste wrestling with a buggy system can cause productivity to plummet. Each hour spent not helping patients hurts your practice’s bottom line. Keeping your business costs down means you won’t have to pass them onto your patients through higher fees. These higher fees would negatively impact patients who pay out of pocket or are otherwise billed directly. When costs go up, this population might hesitate to make necessary follow-up appointments or wait longer to see a physician when they have a problem. And when patients don’t receive treatment at the right time, their health suffers.
  • Great EMR IT support builds trust. When EMR works well, you and your staff look more “on the ball” and professional. Smooth office visits and well-informed healthcare workers instill confidence and trust in their patients. Patients who trust their doctors are in turn more likely to be honest and compliant, resulting in better health outcomes.

A wealth of information cannot do a patient any good if his or her clinicians are unable to readily and reliably access it. The dynamic nature of EMR means that this access is not always guaranteed. When problems arise, ongoing EMR technical support keeps information at your fingertips. Make sure your patients receive the best possible care by having the right IT team in your corner.

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